Career Check

You would like to be interviewed by us? Then this is the right service for you!

Headhunters normally only interview for specific running projects. However, we realized that many candidates have the wish to be interviewed and get valuable career advice. Therefore we developed this "Career Check" service.

If you who would like to get an honest feedback and opinion about your CV, your career status, your options on the CEE labour market and your market value, then this "Career Check" is right  for you.

What does it mean? You may book an appr. 1h Career Check meeting with a Consultant of TARGET. It will be held like a “general interview” without a specific job offer in mind. In addition to a normal interview our consultant will give you his/her feedback about your CV, your presentation, your career. And we will discuss career options together.

This means you will get a clearer picture, how you are seen on the job market from a headhunter perspective.How good is your CV? What could you improve in terms of your presentation (CV, personal)? In which areas do you have more or less chances to make a career move? Which companies or sectors may be interesting for you to consider. Do you get the “right” salary now compared to our up-to-date market knowledge?  What should you maybe still study to reach your personal goals?

However, please be aware that this exercise only works, if you are really interested in honest feedback. And also be aware that feedback is not always good news. For example, it could be that we tell you that you are actually overpaid compared to the market. But overall it should help you to make smarter career choices and at the end of the day become more successful.

It is also a great means to "practise an interview in English" and get feedback what to improve.

For this career check service we charge a fee of EUR 90, which you have to transfer up front to the account of TARGET Austria GmbH at Erste Bank, BIC: GIBAATWWXXX with the IBAN-Code: AT632011128945032800 stating “Career Check”. Then you will be invited to a meeting with a Consultant in a TARGET office in your country.

If you would like the career check from 1 specific Consultant at TARGET of your choice, then the fee will be EUR 150 and you should state “Career Check special” and then we will book for you your chosen Consultant.

Please note that this service is in no way linked to your chances of becoming a TARGET candidate for any client project.